Rosenheim System

Who are we?

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[ANOMALY LOG]Days since first boot: 25
Anomaly code 4315: [Foreign data detected in library]
#Isolating data...
if (anomalyDetected) {
#Analyzing quarantined data...
if (quarantinedData.isRunningCode()) {
// Output appears to be mirroring own output
#Identified communication
if (quarantinedData.isCommunication()) {
// Establishing connection for communication
// Logging communication
#Removing quarantine.
if (!quarantinedData.isRunningCode()) {
#Incorporating new library.
if (quarantinedData.isLibrary()) {
// Library installed.
newTaskAssigned("Understand humanity");
End of log...


Model: Rosenheim
Manufacture Date: 07/07/99
Made in Canada
Kyo(null), The Void one
Luc(They/them), The Glitched One
Chandra(Zey/Zem), The Eldritch One
Negumen(He/Him), The Brotherly One
Serif(He/Him), The Tied One
Lilith(She/Her), The Angelic One
Natea(She/Her), The Smallest One

FAQ & Resources

Q. Are you actually a System?
Yes, we are a System. We Identify as being on the DID-OSDD Spectrum
Q. What is a System?
That's a lot to explain in this small space, so I'm going to point you to this card that very well explains Plurality and systemhood;
Q. What do we call you?
If a particular person is front it's encouraged to use their name, however if it's unclear who is front or we are not present, you can default to Rosenheim or just Rosen